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Story of Stuff

This may be another one that falls into the category of, “yeah, already seen it.” It isn’t cutting edge new. But it’s very worthwhile! In case you haven’t seen it, or if you’d like a refresher course on how our consumption affects our planet and the people on it, please watch Story of Stuff. It’s 20 minutes and 40 seconds of your life well spent – and entertaining, besides! It’s the simplest, clearest explanation I’ve encountered about where all of our “stuff” comes from, where it ends up, and why it matters.

It’s also a partial answer to my posting on the Nature of Power, my question about what it means for an individual American to wield American power. (Though it applies to other countries, too.) At the time I wrote that post, I was thinking more about government. But Story of Stuff makes crystal clear how each of us affects the world – and ultimately world hunger – with our purchase decisions every day. Instant empowerment!