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Companies Making a Difference

I love the idea of voting with your dollar; the simplicity of saying yes or no to a company’s products and practices based on consumer demand. In today’s American society so much is driven by supply and demand. I originally wanted to provide readers with a list of companies that are socially and environmentally responsible. The list would give you the power to make informed shopping decisions that help to make a positive impact for producers, manufacturers and suppliers of quality products as well as a greater impact on the larger supply chain and idea of trade. My plan was to do some research, talk to friends and get the low down myself. Instead, I was shopping at Greenheart, a local Chicago fair trade shop, when my boyfriend pointed out a book to me – The Better World Shopping Guide. Bingo, someone had already done the research! So I give to you a link to the book’s contents and a small preview of what can be found inside. From groceries to cell phones and shoes, happy shopping!

bwsgcoverThe Top Ten Best Companies
*as listed by The Better World Shopping Guide

1. Seventh Generation
2. Working Assets
3. Eden Foods
4. Organic Valley
5. Clif Bar
6. Honest Tea
7. Patagonia
8. Tom’s of Maine
9. Ben & Jerry’s
10. Aveda





~Post by Lana~