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Causes of World Hunger


Looking for a quick way to convey the complexity of why hunger exists in the world? Try a mind map! It works as an individual activity, or with a leader mapping the ideas of a group. Once you’ve pretty much filled the page, you can talk about how the differed parts of the map are related, and add arrows to help make the connections. If you’re interested in a multi-session class, you can start with the overall picture, then focus on specific sections of the map in subsequent sessions. It’s also easy to end on a “half-full” note; with so many issues contributing to hunger, there are many points of entry to solving it. And with so many connections between issues, change in one place can cause change in others. If you want to go beyond education, it’s also a way to organize for action: which topic is the group most interested in acting on? How might you do so?

Disclaimer: my map here is not complete (ran out of space on the page). Can you name some things I left out?

–Nancy Michaelis