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Examining World Hunger at Luther Point

This is the sixth in a series of posts highlighting hunger-related activities that happened over the summer at ELCA Outdoor Ministry locations with the help of Education/Advocacy grants from ELCA World Hunger. This week’s post is from Luther Point Bible Camp in Grantsburg, Wisconsin.


Outdoor ministry is, at its core, about growth. Many of the campers start their week either not wanting to be at camp or thinking that they have been here so many times they think they cannot possibly get something new out of the experience. Yet God works in wonderful ways and by the end of the week most do not want to leave. Whether it is the relationship with their counselor, the worship experiences, or the exciting games, walls are broken down and the campers are opened up to new understandings our connections with God, creation, and each other. 

Here at Luther Point we were able to watch and wait as a garden grew this summer, thanks to the Education/Advocacy Grant from ELCA World Hunger. There was much patience and unknown throughout the process, as well as some not so fun work in some very warm weather. In spite of the weeds, rain, and humidity, there is something very refreshing about being able to see growth in a garden. Watching a tomato or a green pepper develop gives a sense not only of accomplishment, but also of gratefulness. 

Most importantly, the growth of our garden helped our campers to grow this summer.   They could see the parallels between the growth of a garden and the growth of faith and come to a new understanding of God in their own lives. Moreover, they went home with a new realization that they do actually have a voice when it comes to world hunger and that they can take steps against it in fairly simple ways. 

The produce grown in our garden was sold at our annual Summer Celebration at the end of our summer season. We set up a Farmer’s Market in addition to our traditional craft and quilt auction and many supporters of Luther Point happily walked away with some fresh and beautiful food. We ended up selling over $500 of produce, all of which will go to ELCA World Hunger.

Jesse Weiss
Program Coordinator
Luther Point Bible Camp