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Let’s Talk Bread

I’ll be joining the Let’s Talk Bread group in here in Chicago this next Tuesday, December 2. If you live in the area (or will be visiting), we will be discussing (among other things) a phenomenal book, The Bottom Billion, by Paul Collier. It is well worth the read even if you cannot attend. I am looking forward to talking about this challenging book and hearing everyone’s response. I’ve pasted below the announcement for the meeting that has all the pertinent details.

Extreme poverty. Microfinance. Foreign aid. Charity vs. self-help. Public vs. private.

These are just some of the subjects likely to be pursued at the next meeting of the Let’s Talk Bread discussion group on Dec. 2 in Oak Park. “The Bottom Billion,” a book by Paul Collier (under $10 on or free at your library) and a series of articles in the Christian Science Monitor by Mark Lange ( will be the catalyst for this session’s conversation.

Join the conversation at 7:30 p.m. Dec. 2 at United Lutheran Church in Oak Park, 409 Greenfield Street (Greenfield and North Ridgeland, two blocks south of the Ridgeland-North Avenue intersection).

Let’s Talk Bread is a Chicago-area group that, guided by Christian convictions, hopes regular conversations—whether centered on a topical book, article or current event—can help illuminate the problems of poverty and hunger and shed light on just which possible solutions hold promise and which do not.

For more information contact John Stumme ( or 773-777-3907) or Rich Liefer (

I hope you will join us!

David Creech