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Lester Brown on climate change, economics, and poverty

I was on the Green Festival web site today (looking up the dates that it will be in Chicago – May 16-17) when I discovered Green Festival TV. In browsing the video clips, I ran across the following interview with Lester Brown. In 15 minutes, he does a nice job of explaining how things like climate change, food production, economics, and poverty are related, and why everyone’s urgent action is needed. I encourage you to take the time to watch the clip:

And if you happen to live in Seattle, Denver, Chicago, Washington DC, or San Francisco, you might also want to attend the Green Festival in your city. Seattle’s is this weekend! If you don’t live in those places, some of the highlights and lots of information are still available at the Green Festival web site, as well as the sites of Global Exchange and Green America (formerly Co-op America), who put on the festivals.

If you happen to be a person who plans events of any size, the video clip called “Greening the Green Festival” about how they minimize landfill garbage at the Green Festivals is pretty interesting and inspiring, too.

-Nancy Michaelis