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Someone really MUST talk to the Easter Bunny!

I have a new environmental pet peeve. My disappointment has caught me off-guard, seeing as how two weeks ago I hadn’t even thought of it. It wasn’t on my radar. But here it is now, in full force: Easter grass. Plastic Easter grass.

My daughter has received a couple of small Easter baskets from friends and family. The baskets are charming and pretty, and my first reaction was “ooh how cute!” And of course my daughter was delighted, and when she’s delighted, it tends to rub off on me.

Then she starting digging through the plastic grass to find the chocolate eggs contained within – a perfectly reasonable thing to do. And being a small child, strands of it scattered on the carpet. Before long it had followed her around the house. My first bit of annoyance crept in. The housekeeping variety. But it’s a holiday, and she was so pleased…

It took another half beat before I considered that though attractive in its basket, the Easter grass is really strands of plastic. And then I thought, What an unfortunate, disappointing waste. Think of the resources and expense to manufacture it, the amount of it that must get thrown away each year, and the fact that it will probably never decay. It is entirely unnecessary in life. And really, how much plastic Easter grass can one household keep and reuse from year to year? I have a bag full from last year. I don’t need more. Can it go in the recyling bin?

I admit this train of thought has taken a little of the shine off my enjoyment of Easter baskets. But there seems to be a simple solution: the home or business shredder. An easy opportunity for me to do better in caring for the Earth. Instead of giving Easter baskets with plastic grass, I’ll be filling any I give with tiny bits of my bank statements – something I already have and that’s headed for the garbage. What a great way to reuse some shredded paper!

Now it’s just a matter of getting the Easter Bunny to take a closer look at his suppliers…