The last few weeks I’ve been working with our database people, pulling out figures and figuring out the facts behind them. Sounds boring, doesn’t it? Actually, it’s been fascinating. And inspiring.

The figures add up to a wonderful fact: ELCA Lutherans are dedicated to making the world a better place. ELCA Lutherans are devoted to Christ’s command to love our neighbor as ourselves — and they act on it. ELCA Lutherans are so very, very generous.

There are volunteers who travel all over their synods, spreading the word about ELCA World Hunger wherever they go. There are congregations that gather up offerings for ELCA World Hunger four times a year — six times a year — every month. There are individuals who give once a year and individuals who give every month. There are people who give online with a credit card, and there are people who give by mail with a check. There are synods that make giving to ELCA World Hunger an item in their annual budget. There are Sunday School children who collect thousands of dollars in noisy offerings, youth groups who work to raise funds for the 100 Wells Challenge, women’s groups who organize Good Gifts Fairs for ELCA World Hunger. There are people who surprise us by leaving a gift for ELCA World Hunger in their will. There are others who plan with our Foundation to make ELCA World Hunger part of their estate. And there are hundreds and hundreds of pastors, bishops, and other leaders who work hard to make sure that the people of this church have every possible opportunity to hear and answer the gospel call. 

Without the generosity and dedication of all these people and so many more, ELCA World Hunger wouldn’t be able to carry on the life-changing work that we’re able to do. Thanks to you, together, we’re able to make a difference in the lives of people all over the world.

Thank you.


Audrey Riley is a member of the fundraising staff of ELCA World Hunger.