Modeled partially after a similar activity hosted by hunger leaders in the Florida-Bahamas Synod, Rocky Mountain Synod youth participate in a “hunger meal” hosted at Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church in Fort Collins, Colorado.

On a cold January weekend this year, the Rocky Mountain Synod was a buzz with 400 middle school youth, adults and peer ministers gathered for fun, fellowship and formation under the theme “Reform.” From participating in ELCA World Hunger’s “Act 2Day 4 Tomorrow” activities to sharing a hunger meal and food packaging, hunger was at the forefront of the Rocky Mountain “reforms.”

“We put on a hunger meal to raise awareness,” said Sophia, a sophomore and peer minister from Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church in Fort Collins, Colorado.

“The kids are divided into different groups with different social classes, and they get different amounts of food. As you go up [the classes], there are fewer people in each class. I was the cook for the meal,” said Anand, a classmate of Sophia’s at Poudre High School. “I volunteer at the foodbank a lot, and many times, even though they were getting food, it wasn’t always the best or healthiest. That inspired me,” Anand went on to share.

Sophia [left] and Anand [right] are friends from Poudre High School. Sophia is a peer minister and member of the Rocky Mountain Synod hunger team. She and Anand both used their unique skills to raise awareness to end hunger — together.


The youth also took part in packing food kits for local non-profits that help feed people experiencing homelessness and hunger in the area. Rocky Mountain Synod hunger leader Carol McDivitt from King of Glory Lutheran Church in Loveland did the pre-work of calling local agencies and cleared the local food packing projects to make sure the food was usable for the groups.

When asked what message she hopes the hunger meal conveys to the youth, Sophia responded, “I want people to realize that they can make such a huge difference, that they are making a difference. World hunger is being solved; it’s actively being solved. It’s important to remember that even if it does feel hopeless, it’s not.”

Two youth from Lutheran Church of Hope in Broomfield, Colorado, with the prepared packages.

Way to go, Rocky Mountain Synod youth! #untilallarefed