Mark Anderson is an assistant to the Bishop in the Northeastern Iowa Synod. He and his whole synod have been working energetically and passionately to raise money for the ELCA Malaria Campaign.

(If you haven’t yet, consider “like”-ing the group “Friends of the ELCA Malaria Campaign” on Facebook. This is a group administered by Mark, but open to anyone who wants to be in conversation about the Campaign and how we can support it.)

Mark posted this last week on the Friends of the ELCA Malaria Campaign page:  “I just met Skyler in Dubuque who had been saving her allowance. She donated her entire savings to the ELCA Malaria Campaign during Vacation Bible School. On the way to church she said ‘Mommy, I think a child is more important than a new toy.'”

You’re right, Skyler from Dubuque…. a child’s life is so much more important than a new toy. Thank you for teaching us to prioritize!