By Justin Rabbach

Have you been looking for a way to engage groups and enhance volunteer field guideactivities? Check out this new resource from ELCA World Hunger!

Digging In: A Leader’s Guide to Service Learning is designed to help you plan your next service opportunity. This guide was developed in consultation with the Service and Learning Leadership Team, a group that has studied and worked on developing meaningful service learning experiences.  This guide is organized into four steps (Preparation, Action, Reflection and Celebration) and will walk you through how to make the most out of your group’s service project. Using this model will help guide your group to dig into the deeper learning that service opportunities have to offer. You will learn how to apply what you learn in other contexts, and how to share your learning with your congregation.

Final Placemat Version #1-page-001In addition to the leader’s guide, placemat resources have been developed that act as a worksheet and summarize the work of ELCA World Hunger. The placemat highlights areas of work and the comprehensive approach ELCA World Hunger uses to address the root causes of hunger and poverty. Then, flip it over and each participant can walk through the four steps of service learning as it applies to the specific service opportunity. Together with the field guide this resource is a great way to prepare for your activity, and to have a tangible reflection piece that will help you to share about your experience and how it relates to the collective work of the church to eradicate hunger and poverty through ELCA World Hunger. Order or download it now on the resource store at!

Justin Rabbach is the Youth Group Organizer for ELCA World Hunger.