cookbook-frontcvr-web-797750 Food for Life: Recipes and Stories on the Right to Food

(North American version)
Global recipes, stories, and table blessings from the Lutheran World Federation
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Use this collection of recipes, stories, and table blessings to prepare global dishes for your family and congregation, and to highlight the Lutheran World Federation and ELCA World Hunger.
The global recipes, adapted for North American cooks, are categorized by the agricultural cycle (dishes for growing, planting, harvesting, and “hungry” seasons); the religious cycle (dishes for religious celebrations and observances); the life cycle (dishes for important days like birthdays, weddings, and funerals); and daily life (breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and snacks). This highly anticipated book, co-produced by the LWF, the ELCA, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, will be ready to ship by October 1, 2008.
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