I have recently taken up barefoot running. I realize that this may sound silly, but I actually do run on the road in my bare feet…and it is amazing! Throughout my youth and into college I played multiple sports, the majority of which required lots of running. The truth is, however, I do not really like to run. I like to dribble, attack, shoot, fake out, ace, volley and get dizzy from cartwheels, running is simply a by-product. There is just one problem with that, now that I am out of school sports running is the simplest and cheapest way to get my cardio exercise while also enjoying the outdoors. So between pilates classes I have done my best to gut out a few miles. Recently, I began to hear more and more about the barefoot running movement, and after an informative YouTube video and an encouraging brother prodding me on, I gave it a shot. Glorious! While I am only about a month in and I do not go every day, I have easily worked myself up to over 2 miles. When I am done my knees do not hurt, my breath is not heavy and I often barely break a sweat. In fact, I want to go again. So I ask myself, “Why? What’s different?” Here’s my personal opinion for my personal situation: it feels natural. Essentially, that is the simplest answer ever, and it makes me feel somewhat silly to think I would be doing something that did not feel natural in the first place. When I think more about natural things, I skip easily to food.

I was watching a TED talk a couple of days ago about the relationship that cities and their citizens have to the food that they consume. Also to how suburban living impacts food and where it comes from. The woman giving the talk mentioned how people rarely smell their fruit at the market anymore to see if it would be good to eat. I know that I certainly do not, but I think I should start. Why? Well, because it feels natural. Much like running barefoot changes my posture and foot strike in such a way that my body reacts to running as a more natural movement, smelling my fruit and being aware of its origins feels more natural as well. I know that I need to improve my relationship to my food. I want to be sure that what I put into my body feels like it belongs there, just like my feet belong on the ground.

~ Lana Lile