My name is Allie Stehlin and I am an intern at ELCA World Hunger this summer. I am a senior at Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota and am studying Political Science, Peace Studies, and Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies.

I first became interested in the issues of hunger and poverty worldwide when I took a mission trip to Tanzania with my congregation in high school. It was there that I met a boy with polio; a disease easily cured in the Western world, and saw a hospital without running water. The vast inequality in wealth and resources hit me hard, and I decided then that I wanted to devote my future career to making this gap between the rich and the poor, the hungry and the full, a little smaller.

In college, my classes focus around social justice issues that have continued fuel my passion for creating positive peace in our world. This past fall, I had the opportunity to spend the semester in India studying Social Justice, Peace and Development. This was a great chance for me to dig deeper into the topics of hunger, poverty, the environment, gender, caste, globalization and development and meet with those affected by these issues.

I am very excited for the work I will be doing this summer at ELCA World Hunger, and am looking forward to learning more about hunger and poverty. Stay tuned for more rumblings from the interns and the rest of the ELCA World Hunger staff!

-Allie Stehlin