Getting ready to move takes lots of time and work. It also brings you face to face with just how many belongings you have. As a simple living sort of person, I thought I didn’t have many possessions. Was I wrong!

Last weekend I held a freecycle and basement sale to clear out some of the stuff I didn’t know I owned. One side of my basement held stuff with price tags. On the other side, everything was free! People loved helping themselves, and all my free (and most of my priced) treasures found new homes. Very little had to be recycled or discarded, and I felt like Lady Bountiful, telling people, “yes, it’s really free–please take it!”

The Bible invites us to construct an economic system based on God’s principles. A freecycle is a great way to boost the economy of grace. (Ho, everyone who thirsts, come to the water!) At you can learn more about freecycling and participating in freecycling groups. And it’s something a church can easily do on its own–perhaps at church, after worship.

I’m hooked on freecycling now. I’ve already started a new stack of stuff for my next freecycle, so I can be sure my stuff stays out of the landfill…and so I can watch more people smile.

Anne Basye