In recent years it has become increasingly clear that global warming is a reality that calls the church to action. We can no longer look the other way and pretend that climate change is not happening. Within the last century, temperatures have risen nearly one degree. Through it may not seem like much, this increase correlates to environmental problems such as floods and droughts, more frequent and severe natural disasters, and rising sea levels.

The environmental problems that have been linked to global warming are especially devastating to those who are the poorest and, therefore also hungriest, in the world. In other words, climate change does not simply raise issues of stewardship and care for the earth. It is also fundamentally a justice issue. This year, ELCA World Hunger will be making a concerted effort to raise awareness of the ways in which global climate change impacts those who are hungry and to mobilize the church to act on behalf of the most vulnerable.

In an effort to better understand the impact of climate change, I will be traveling down to Nicaragua with an ELCA delegation from January 19-29. Be sure to watch the blog for updates (and pictures!) of my experiences down there.

– David Creech