I just got home from a little trip to get my Christmas cards for the season. Hopefully they will all fly out in the post just in time for Christmas, if not, well then I hope the recipients enjoy a little extended Christmas cheer. This errand of buying Christmas cards, however, was quite special.

My brother is friends with a very artistic couple who live in the next town. They are kind and super fun to hang out with. The wife happens to be an amazing artist, and creates the most interesting and beautiful greeting cards I have discovered to date. Needless to say, I bypassed the store and went straight to her dining room table for my small batch of Holiday cards this year. Of course she also sells her cards through distributors, but it was fun to buy them from the artist herself, and enjoy a little farmer’s market pumpkin pie at the same time.

All this to say there is more to the cards than meets the eye. Each card is printed on recycled paper and 10 percent of the profits are donated to organizations which support peace, compassion, education & sustainability – it’s like each card has a little heart. This little bit of information made my card buying experience just that much better. I hope that each card brings lots of cheer to my loved ones, but I am also very thankful for the 10 percent which will be donated, because when you put it all together one little card equals a whole lot of happiness.

Happy Holidays and I hope that everyone, whether on purpose or by chance, will find a favorite brand of “greeting cards with a heart”.