Here is part of a cheerful e-mail from Kris L., mission director at Atonement Lutheran Church in St. Cloud, Minn., reporting on the congregation’s recent “Stirring the Waters” event. Sue-s

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that our church did our own version of the”Stirring the Waters” event that you did at last summer’s ELCA World Hunger Leadership Gathering. We had so much fun and it was so well received. We made the frontpage of the St. Cloud Times [Check out the the front-page article and the great photo of the event that appeared in the St. Cloud Times on August 25, the day after the event.–SES.]

We added a few stations…One of them we called “H2O & Creation Care”. Members of our Creation Care Team at Atonement staffed the table and encouraged people to use reusable bottles instead of bottled water. In addition to the ELCA website, I found some great resources on the Presbyterians for Restoring Creation (PRC) website ( including a bottled water quiz. The answer to the last question includes this fact:”The UN estimates that if the world took half of what it now spends onbottled water ($100 billion per year) and invested it in water infrastructure and treatment, everyone in the world could have access to clean drinking water.” Isn’t that amazing?

[Kris and the Creation Care Team made good use of the new ELCA World Hunger water bulletin…”Let justice roll down like waters.” It’s available to order from Augsburg Fortress. Enjoy! Sue]