Today, my daughter will be welcomed into the kingdom of God at her baptism.  She will set out on her own faith journey and one day discern her vocation.  What will she be?  What will she do?  At almost five months, there are many years ahead before these become conscious decisions bound by a series of choices.  Today is only the beginning.

Those of us who strive for justice in an often unjust world are at a different point in our vocations with countless life decisions already under the belt and hopefully many more to come.  Do we ever stop and take stock of our own journey, that which we Christians embark upon often in infancy?  How are we doing?

Let this be a reminder that as the stories of suffering in a seemingly peaceless world fill our collective inboxes and occupy our troubled concern, as we profess our own hunger while working to help those who are truly hungry, may we remember the time when we first set along our own faithful journies.  May we remember that in the face of daunting tasks like ending world hunger or fighting for those with no voice, God calls us to renewal constantly, effortlessly, and steadfastly…to be still.

God calls TO us when our minds are focused elsewhere.  And we remember that we are cleansed in our own baptisms, whether by our faith or by our human ability to start anew.

“Be still and know that I am God.”