Thinking of you this Mother’s Day, reads the ELCA World Hunger e-card. In her Lutheran Woman Today (May 2008) article, “All God’s Children,” Kathryn Sime invites us to think about “the mothers, fathers, and caring neighbors who love the children of the world.”

In May you’ll be able to read Kathryn’s article online. For now, here’s an excerpt:

“How would our world be different if we realized that all God’s children are as precious as those in our own lives? Poverty presents the greatest threat to the most vulnerable in any community. Around the world, children are the most likely to suffer from hunger, poverty-related disease, and disaster. …The good news is that your gifts to the ELCA World Hunger Appeal provide a mothering embrace to children living in poverty around the world.”

Mother’s Day is May 11. Father’s Day is June 15. Kathryn’s article is prompting me to give a special “Nurturers’ Day” donation to the ELCA World Hunger Appeal. This year I’m going to expand my Mother’s Day “world” to include a gift donation to the ELCA World Hunger Appeal to (1) bless “the mothers, fathers, and caring neighbors who love the children of the world” and (2) connect with special people who will be tickled to learn that they have received a “Nurturers’ Day” gift-donation in their honor. Shhhh…don’t spoil the surprise, but I’m thinking these folks will be among those getting an ELCA World Hunger Appeal e-card from me this spring:
* Craig & Gina, parents of Lydia Norma
* Kathryn & Joe, parents of Calla Grace
* Laurel, mother of Sam and Olivia
* Bette, best “Gramby” ever
* Marj and Jerome Leegard, who expanded their nurturing arms to embrace me
* Anne and Melinda, who nurture the youth of my congregation through their music ministries.

Think beyond the rows in your favorite greeting card store…seize the opportunity to appreciate a variety of nurturers in your life and to bless families around the world. It would be fun if the amount you donate ended with a “4” (e.g., $14, $74, $204). It could be our unofficial code to indicate that the gift is “4” mothers and fathers and neighbors who love the children of the world.

Go and do blessings,