B Younan Water 3When Palestinian Bishop Munib Younan talks about the thirst, he links it with a quest for justice in both Palestine and Israel.

“The water crisis in Palestine cannot be solved until there is justice. Water and justice issues are intertwined in my community,” says Younan, bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land.

The Seven Weeks for Water campaign in 2016 has special significance for him, as this year it focused on a pilgrimage of water justice in the Middle East, with specific reference to Palestine.

Bishop Younan notes that Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories is a cause of injustice, because Israeli and Palestinian communities have vastly differing access to water.

The core to solving the water crisis in Palestine is ending the Israeli occupation and implementing a two-state solution, in which the two peoples of the land live side-by-side in justice, peace, and reconciliation.

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