The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) Representative in Jerusalem, Mark Brown shares the following good news regarding US funding for the LWF’s Augusta Victoria Hospital:

“I am pleased to report that the U.S. recently released 25 million USD for the payment of Palestinian Authority (PA) debts to East Jerusalem hospitals.  LWF’s Augusta Victoria Hospital (AVH) received over 11 million USD on 22 January 2017, substantially reducing the amount of money owed to AVH by the PA for the treatment of Gaza and West Bank patients referred to AVH by the PA.  This funding was released by Congress for disbursement by USAID earlier in the month.  (It was not part of the 220 million USD for the Palestinian Authority released by President Obama on 20 January 2017.)

Many thanks to everyone who advocated on behalf of the funding for AVH and the East Jerusalem hospitals!  Your efforts are much appreciated.  Once again we have avoided any interruption to the life-saving cancer and kidney treatment provided by AVH.  The bipartisan support for the release of this funding was important and will be helpful later in the year when the matter will most likely come up again.

Please encourage your Members of Congress to visit Augusta Victoria Hospital if they are coming to Jerusalem in 2017 and to see for themselves the impact that U.S. investments have had on the development of AVH as a cancer center and what that means in the lives of so many West Bank and Gaza Palestinians.

Thank you!”


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