A new OCHA report is out that looks at the impact of the Separation Barrier on Jerusalem in the 7 years since the International Court of Justice Advisory Opinion on the Barrier. The report looks specifically at the area of East Jerusalem and those West Bank communities and households who found themselves now isolated on the Jerusalem side of the Barrier.

In its own words, “[t]his report addresses the impact of the Barrier, a main component of the multi-layered system of physical and administrative obstacles which severely constrains movement and access throughout the West Bank.”

It is broken up into 5 sections that look at:

  1. The Current Status of the Barrier
  2. Restrictions to Land and Livelihood
  3. Communities in the ‘Seam Zone’
  4. The Barrier in Jerusalem
  5. Case Studies of the Personal Impact of the Barrier

Download a pdf of the report by clicking the picture to the right.