Through most of August, the U.S. Congress will be in recess. In lieu of an action alert, this month we urge you to take advantage of the recess to schedule meetings with your representative and senators through their local offices or to attend town hall meetings.

At these meetings, you can advocate for H.R. 2590, the “Defending the Human Rights of Palestinian Children and Families Living Under Israeli Military Occupation Act,” and encourage them to co-sponsor the bill. Emphasize that it aims to promote equality and justice by demanding steps to ensure that no U.S. funds support abuses of Palestinians’ human rights. Passing this bill can help end U.S. complicity in the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Additionally, we ask that you call attention to critical issues facing Palestinians, including:

  • Detention and torture of Palestinian children within the Israeli military court system.
  • The need for humanitarian assistance in Gaza and for equal access to medical care and COVID-19 vaccines throughout the West Bank and Gaza.
  • Freedom of movement for medical patients ― for example, from Gaza to East Jerusalem to receive medical care at Augusta Victoria Hospital ― and an end to the Gaza blockade.
  • Home demolitions and forced displacements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
  • Expanding settlements and actions resulting in the de facto and illegal annexation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Israel must be held accountable to its international obligations as an occupying power. Urge your representative and senators to protect the human rights of Palestinians and end unconditional military aid to Israel. The Israeli occupation, supported by the United States, must end for us to move toward justice. We can end the continued suffering of the Palestinian people if we push our elected officials to demand change.