Join us this Advent Season on the WAY to Bethlehem: Prepare, Journey, Arrive, Witness

Are you looking for an Advent resource for your home or church? The Advent Pilgrimage in Palestine is up and ready for you to use!

Advent Pilgrimage in Palestine: a four-week virtual pilgrimage from the ELCA’s Peace Not Walls and Young Adult Ministry teams featuring young adult voices from the ELCA and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land. 

What is “the way to Bethlehem,” as Advent practice, and as Christian engagement in Palestine? What does it mean for us as Christians, and for the church, to be called to resist the injustice of “the way things are” in favor of following the disruptive and transformative way of the Lord? What does it mean for us to be “on the way”?

This resource is available to everyone, regardless of age. You can use this resource as an individual or as a leader for a group gathering during Advent.

You can register here for the Monday Nov 22 Opening Webinar and to receive the resources directly.

All of the resources are here: explore the tabs to find the elements you want to use.

You will find:

Videos: five 5-minute videos (an intro and then 1 video for each week of Advent focused on a specific word and Biblical text)

Bible Study: includes Biblical text, discussion questions, centering and closing prayers for each gathering

Leaders Guide: suggestions for how to structure the group meeting time

Contributors: bios of the video presenters

Leader Webinar recording

What’s next: Ways to learn more and connect with advocacy opportunities through Peace Not Walls