Camp Mberre in Mauritania is run by LWF as a member of the ACT Alliance. Credit: LWF/Thomas Ekelund

A new situation report from the Lutheran World Federation includes updates on their work in Mauritania with Malian refugees at Camp Mberre and their work with the Lutheran Church in Senegal.

In Camp Mberre they are working to provide enough tents for incoming refugees, with their capacity being 300 new tents constructed each day while the influx of refugees sits between 500-1200 daily. Currently the camp population sits just under 59,000. Also, decreased security in certain regions of Mali has lead the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to announce that a massive movement of refugees is heading towards Mauritania.

In Senegal the church is working to implement a program focused on disaster prevention and risk reduction within at-risk communities in the region. They are helping to identify and train local committees to implement these programs so that the knowledge is kept at home and the skills of the local population are leveraged in their response.

As the LWF continues its work in the region please keep those who are fleeing danger and those who work to meet them in prayer during this trying time. Also pray for those who are working to prepare themselves in the face of disaster, that they may be empowered to lessen and hopefully prevent the effects of disaster.

Read the full report here.

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