Two recent reports from Arie Den Toom, the LWF South Sudan Country Representative, give an overview of the situation in Jonglei State in South Sudan. The area has been declared by the government as a disaster zone following clashes between two ethnic groups, the Lou-Nuer and the Murle. The two groups have been locked in a feud that involving cattle raids and abductions. According to Arie Den Toom, between 20,000 and 50,000 members of the Murle community have been displaced over the last seven months. There have also been over a 1,000 casualties from the fighting.

This area is also the center of the LWF’s work in the area and so they have been very involved in tracking the situation and formulating a response. Please keep the people of the region in your prayers as hostilities hopefully cease and people begin to move back to normal activities. Also, read more about the situation in the two LWF reports:

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