Lutheran Disaster Response LogoThis past week some of you may have noticed a “slight” difference in the look of our disaster response communications/media. This is because ELCA Disaster Response has now been re-branded as Lutheran Disaster Response! Or another way of looking at it is that Lutheran Disaster Response will now designate both the ELCA’s disaster work in the U.S. and internationally.

Our main reason for this change was to lessen the confusion which has existed between these two labels/brands of our disaster work. It is also a way of strengthening the connections between our work internationally and in the U.S. Though our responses around the globe may all be local the way the ELCA engages them includes some strong similarities whether in the U.S. or internationally. Being able to highlight this joint understanding of our disaster response work is something we are very excited about.

So please join us in lifting up and celebrating this new, and historic, way of identifying our work. To learn more, check out the newly redesigned Lutheran Disaster Response portion of the ELCA website.