On March 11, Rosario Castillo , executive director of EPES informs that the situation in Concepcion became difficult again.There have been strong aftershocks all day and there are rumors that a stronger aftershock will come as well as another tsunami. People are terrified and the level of trauma is overwhelming. EPES continues to treat many, many people whose levels of stress are off the charts.

EPES is trying to pull together a third team to go to the Concepcion area because their staff there needs support from the Santiago office.

Only Dr. Lautaro, director of the Concepcion office is there regularly because the transportation is scarce and other staff is too traumatized to go to work.

Aside from material resources such as water, food, shelter and health kits, the people both in Chile as well as in Haiti, traumatized by the earthquake and aftershocks are in need of our prayers and will need specialized pastoral care in the area of trauma healing. That will be in the hands of our companion church the Evangelical Lutheran church in Chile (IELCH).