Megan Brandsrud

​Elim Kids Academy, a small Christian primary and secondary school in Kathmandu, was severely damaged in the April 25 and May 12 earthquakes that hit Nepal. Compound walls around the school collapsed and parts of the school need to be demolished and rebuilt. Despite the damage and the rebuilding necessary, classes have resumed now, a month after the earthquakes hit.

Wall of the senior building collapsed at Elim Kids Academy

Wall of senior building at Elim Kids Academy that collapsed due to the earthquakes. Credit: Elim Kids Academy

Rita Kabo, the principal of Elim Kids Academy, recently shared in a newsletter the experience of resuming classes and the future plans at Elim Kids Academy. Her reflection is below.

“As parents brought in their children to the school, there were fears and uncertainties in their faces and they reluctantly left their children. Teachers have been prepared to receive students, as they were given some post-earthquake trauma counseling and psychosocial counseling last week. Most of the students were happy to be back in school and meet with their friends and see their teachers.

We have an enormous responsibility to take care of these precious lives that the parents and guardians have entrusted to us. We need to rebuild the broken walls…and we have to purchase some indoor games and crafts for the students as we need to work to release them of their fears and use creative ways to bring them back to their normal self and routine. There is so much to be done and we cannot do it alone. Your prayers and contributions in all these will help us to cope with the challenges we have in hand and slowly and steadily work toward rebuilding the confidence of the children.”

Earthquake evacuation drill at Elim Kids Academy

As part of the school re-opening, an earthquake evacuation drill was held at Elim Kids Academy. Credit: Elim Kids Academy

As Lutheran Disaster Response continues to work with those who were affected by the Nepal earthquakes, please continue to hold these people in your prayers. As we move from the relief stage to the recovery stage, emotional and physical rebuilding is taking place. Your prayers make a difference. Your gifts make a difference. Please continue to support Lutheran Disaster Response’s work in Nepal by visiting the Nepal Area Earthquake giving page.

Elim Kids Academy is in part supported by an ELCA World Hunger grant that provides for teacher training opportunities and scholarships for students, many of whom come from Dalit backgrounds.

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