Just got forwarded a great article from today’s Minot Daily News which highlights how members of the ELCA are responding to disaster. The story is about the Tree of Hope Fair, hosted at First Lutheran in Minot this past Sunday. The event sprung from the idea that with the extensive flooding in Minot this past summer many people may have lost their decorations for the Christmas season. To help make the season brighter, the fair offered donated holiday decorations for free, that people could come and take.

A great aspect of the event was the shared opportunity in hosting it, as highlighted by a comment posted to the article by Pastor Mike Pancoast, Associate Pastor of First Lutheran:

While the event was held at First Lutheran, the whole thing was really an effort of ALL the Minot-area congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). The coordinator for the marvelous snacks and refreshments served on Sunday was Sue Roise from Zion Lutheran. Deanna Syvertson from Bethany was a coordinator for the set-up and sorting that took place on Saturday. I know there were volunteers from Peace Lutheran in Burlington and Christ Lutheran here in town, not to mention the dozens of other volunteers from across the denominational spectrum.

There are so many great things in here, it’s hard to decide which to lift up. This is the ELCA at work, doing God’s Work with our hands. These are Churches highlighting the meaning of Christmas in true acts of giving. Here we see Christians loving God through their loving service to the neighbor. Gotta say it brings a smile to my face and a lightness to my heart. Amen!

Read the Article: Tree of Hope Fair — First Lutheran event brightens Christmas for area residents

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