Last Tuesday the Minot Daily News had an article highlighting Christ Lutheran Church and their story since the flooding last June. It was a great read, especially having been there last month and being able to put faces and places with the names. But even with that added value for me I think it’s a wonderful example of what Lutheran Disaster Response is all about and offers one really good lesson on disaster preparedness.

I’ll let the article speak for itself but I’ll give you three things to look for:

1) how can cell phones play a role in disasters and how is this related to disaster preparedness?

2) what does it look like to be church in the midst of disaster?

3) why is it important for the church to be present ‘for the long haul’ in disaster response?

Enjoy the read and a shout out to Pastor Mike Johnson for some great words of wisdom in here.

Check out the article: ‘Prayer is our biggest need’: Christ Lutheran Church keeps faith alive during hard times