Today at 12:57 CST marks the one year anniversary of when the horns blew in Minot, ND and residents had to leave their homes. What followed was massive flooding of the Souris (Mouse) River that left many homes underwater for over a month. The timetable of the evacuation was constantly being updated as the amount of water continued to be higher and faster moving than expected. So many were still in the process of moving out their belongings when they had to leave. Though no one was hurt in the flooding many lost a great deal of their personal belongings.

Today and this weekend there will be many events within Minot and the neighboring town of Burlington to mark this occasion as these communities look to see how far they have come and where it is down the road they wish to go. Wherever that may be Lutheran Disaster Response, the domestic program of ELCA Disaster Response, will continue to be present as long as we are needed.

Please take a moment today to remember the people of Minot. Pray that they may see and take joy from the good work they have accomplished in this past year and that God may give them rest when they are weary and strength for the rest of the journey.

To learn more about how the ELCA has been involved in the last year please check out the one-year anniversary piece on the ELCA Disaster Response webpage U.S. Flooding – One-Year Later.

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