The Minot Daily News has another article this week on an ELCA congregation in Minot. This time they are highlighting First Lutheran, which is located very close to the river. It was saved from major flooding by the dikes that were built right outside its doors. Unfortunately sewage backup led to extensive damage of their basements.

The fact that this is the second article on the churches from the paper and the content of this article really drove home for me that disaster response is a marathon, not a sprint. Reading Pastor Ken Nelson’s words about the added decisions flooding has brought to First Lutheran’s leadership from the usage of space, the clean up of damages and connection with church members makes one exhausted thinking about it. Yet, as Pastor Ken eloquently put it at the end of the article, as we look forward to Easter: “There is resurrection even in this life. You can live again in houses that looked like tombs last July.” I’m sure there’s a sermon in there somewhere :).

Please continue to keep the people of Minot in prayer during this Lenten season as they continue to be defined not by this tragedy but their inclusion in the body of Christ to which we all belong.

Read the article: First Through the Flood