Homes damaged by the quake. Credits: Rev. Simarmata of Indonesian Christian Church

Early last Tuesday morning the Indonesian island of Sumatra was struck by a pair of earthquakes in the central district of North Tapanuli. The quakes had magnitudes of 5.5 and 5.6 and led to a general state of fear running through the population and the destruction of some buildings. Thankfully there was not a tsunami triggered by the quakes.

Though the damage caused by the quakes was relatively minor many residents moved to evacuation points because they still felt traumatized by the earthquakes. Though there has been no immediate request for assistance, the ELCA continues to walk with its companions on the ground, especially the Indonesian Christian Church, as they assess the situation and determine what future response may be needed.

Please lift up the people of North Tapanuli as they deal with the trauma of disrupted lives and raise a prayer of thanksgiving for the subdued nature of the destruction and for those who were quick to respond.

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