I just read a transcript of a meeting convened by Laurie Garret, Senior Fellow for Global Health, Council on Foreign Relations. It’s a bit long but is chalk-full of candid conversation about the situation in the Horn of Africa, how the global economy relates and the questions it raises for international aid. I’d recommend checking it out and thinking about what it has to say. I’d be curious what people think.

Here’s Laurie commenting on the fact that we had forewarning of this crisis:

This was forecast a year ago. Everything that has happened has in fact played out precisely as forecast. And yet, we were unable to take a forecast and turn it into some advance pre-emptive action. And that speaks very heavily to where we stand right now as a global community in our sense of humanitarian relief. Why is it we have to wait to see dead bodies? Why is it that we cannot take forecast information seriously and act on it?

Please read the transcript and share your comments/questions below.

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