Megan Brandsrud

​The Honduran government declared a national state of emergency upon the recent mass return of Hondurans, specifically children, who are being sent back from Mexico and the United States. The assistance of several civil society and humanitarian organizations has been requested to provide accompaniment during the reception of the returning children.

Lutheran Disaster Response is working with Mennonite Social Action Commission (CASM) to help provide humanitarian assistance to 1,000 returning child migrants. Immediate attention will be given to helping the children reunite with their families and to accompany them through the legal process of filing complaints in cases that involve human trafficking, sex trafficking and physical and psychological violence. Food and hygiene kits will be distributed to children as they are received and while they stay in temporary shelters waiting to be reunited with family. Psychosocial support will also be provided, and special accompaniment will occur for cases that merit extra attention.

Each child’s well-being is the primary concern, and necessary support will be provided to ensure a safe reunion for the children and their families.