This morning a 7.5-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Guatemala killing at least 15 people and was felt as far away as Mexico City. As details continue to pour in please keep the people of Guatemala and our companion, the Augustinian Lutheran Church of Guatemala (ILAG), in prayer. Below is an update from ILAG on the situation.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

This morning we had an earthquake off the coast of Guatemala that registered 7.5 on the Richter scale. It was felt throughout Guatemala with the exception of the Peten. We are on an institutional red alert throughout the country in case of aftershocks. The department of San Marcos suffered damage to roads and buildings. Quiche reported power outages– ILA Milagro de Dios, Las Rosas is in that region. Cell phones are not reliable at the moment. We talked to Jorge Mario Aba who is currently in Coban receiving HIV AIDS training with Pastor Karen Castillo and Irving Poou; they felt the earthquake but are well. The Lutheran Center did not suffer any damage and all staff are accounted for.

Thank you for your prayers. We will keep you updated if there is further activity.

In Christ,
Amanda Olson de Castillo

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