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Until All Are Fed

“…As we do our part, envisioning a world where disasters don’t threaten lives and all are fed.”

Rev. Dr. Andrea Walker

Nearly 14 million people in southern Africa are facing hunger due to the worsening drought, according to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). One of the most affected in the area is Madagascar. WFP has estimated that over 1.9 million Madagascans have been affected by the drought.

Our companion church, the Malagasy Lutheran Church, has reported 6 affected synods, mainly in rural areas located a great distance from urban areas.  They have estimated that about 1300 people have died from lack of food or poisoning from eating plants not suitable for consumption. The Reverend Dr. Andrea Walker, the ELCA’s Global Mission Area Director for the region said, “The drought and flooding in Madagascar continue to threaten the lives and particularly the health and well-being of women and children in the affected areas.”

In our baptismal covenant, we proclaim that we are called “…to serve all people, following the example of Jesus.” Thanks to your generosity, the Lutheran Disaster Response continues to answer the call.

The Lutheran Disaster Response has committed $53,153. These funds will allow us to accompany the Malagasy Lutheran Church as they plan to provide immediate, life-saving support to 3,250 families. The primary focus of the assistance will be given to pregnant women, vulnerable children, disabled and elderly people.


What you can do:

Please pray for all those affected by flooding and drought. Remember those who have lost everything and all those who are working to respond. You can use these prayers and resources in your worship services. 


Gifts to Lutheran Disaster Response will be used to provide immediate, life-saving aid.
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Madagascar: Cyclone Giovanna Pounds Country with Heavy Wind and Rain

Map of path for Cyclone Giovanna from Feb 14. Credit: OCHA

Monday night Cyclone Giovanna made landfall on the east coast of Madagascar with winds upwards of 120 mph. Over the next two days it dumped up to one foot of rain, with the hardest hit area being just east of Madagascar’s capitol, Antananarivo. The storm led to 19 deaths, nearly 11,000 people displaced and almost 5,000 damaged or destroyed homes. In the hard-hit district of Brickaville 88% of the schools were damaged. The storm moved past the island country on Thursday but there are fears it may double back and hit the southern part of the country.

Madagascar is home to one of the largest Lutheran churches in the world, the Malagasy Lutheran Church, with a population around 3 million members. As this church and the remainder of the country start the work of recovery and rebuilding please keep them in prayer, that God may calm the waters and winds and bring them peace.

To learn how the ELCA accompanies the Malagasy Lutheran Church see the Global Mission page on Madagascar

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