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Congregational Vitality: Stories and Learning

About the Congregational Vitality Team

Congregational Vitality team members, ELCA Domestic Mission

ELCA Congregational Vitality team

Who We Are

The Congregational Vitality team, Domestic Mission, is moving forward with an exciting emphasis on creating a churchwide learning community. We are applying adaptive strategies to accompany synods and congregations in their fruitful work for God’s Reign by training and equipping leaders across the Church.

Contextual Description of Congregational Vitality

Communities of Jesus that nurture life-changing relationships with God, one another and the world.


Values and Guiding Principles

  • Insistent in Collaboration
  • Supportive of Innovation and Creativity
  • Intentionally Inclusive and Anti-racist
  • Radically Relational
  • Committed to Learning Multiplication
  • Ardent about Leadership Development


What We Do

Cultivate vitality. Accompany mission partners. Connect communities of Jesus.


How We Do It

We are committed to:

  • Creating and leading a national learning community with the goals of informing, teaching, sharing, collaborating and inspiring vitality across the ELCA.
  • Capturing, measuring and evaluating the impact of vitality efforts both in local communities, at the synod level and across the entire ELCA.
  • Engaging in effective and strategic communication that shares both the data and the stories of lessons learned; i.e., the fruitful and effective strategies for growth and vitality and the personal and/or local impacts of vital ministries.
  • Creating networks of support as we partner in discipleship, stewardship, leadership, young adults, multicultural, and poverty and justice initiatives in the ELCA to make a measurable, truly impactful difference as we mobilize and equip people across the ELCA to be the Church together for the sake of the world.