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Urgent Need for Congregational Accompaniment of Afghan refugees

URGENT NEED FOR CONGREGATIONAL ACCOMPANIMENT OF AFGHAN REFUGEES At the end of August, we watched with anguish the fall of Afghanistan’s government and the evacuation of thousands of Afghan refugees to U.S. military bases called safe havens. Presiding Bishop Elizabeth...

Why can’t immigrants apply for citizenship? A reflection shared with AMMPARO

I see that the focus is on the limited and highly restricted avenues for applying. That’s a powerful indictment of our “system” and will be revealing to many who believe it’s a much more straightforward process than it actually is,...

Welcoming Migrants at the Border and AMMPARO: A Whole-Church Response Mobilized

An increase in unaccompanied children and asylum-seekers arriving at the U.S. border with Mexico has given rise to claims of a crisis. Individuals, families and children seeking protection are no crisis — the crisis is the circumstances they are fleeing...

Migrating Women and their Experience with Gender-Based Violence

by Giovana Oaxaca, Program Director for Migration Policy The allegations of medical neglect and invasive gynecological procedures in a privately-run detention center in Irwin County, Ocilla, Ga.—including coerced sterilization—quickly drew disbelief and condemnation worldwide this fall. Far from unique, these shocking allegations echo the...

Helpful graphic on the history of immigration

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History of Immigration

Here is a very good history of immigration which helps us to see the whole picture: History of U.S. Immigration