Issue 90 of Administration Matters

Who would steal from us?

Misappropriation of church funds can engender a crisis of confidence in your congregation, so proper handling of donations is a critical responsibility. Keep a would-be thief out of the collection plate by developing the financial controls needed to prevent theft and embezzlement in your congregation. >More

Supporting our leaders with financial, emotional, physical and pumpkin spice benefits

Portico seeks to support its plan members’ whole-person health and well-being with benefit options for every season of life — including pumpkin spice season. This fall a dietician at one of Portico’s partner vendors, Burnalong, has provided recipes for three healthy alternatives to popular, crave-worthy but often high-sugar, high-calorie fall coffee drinks. Encourage your Portico members with ELCA-Primary health benefits to log in to Burnalong this fall and view the “Healthy Fall Coffee Drinks” video or participate in their choice of online fitness content to support their well-being.

Socially responsible banking supports our community of faith

Members of the ELCA Federal Credit Union enjoy many benefits, and membership is open to all ELCA staff, volunteers and congregational members. Spread the word by downloading and posting this flier.

Plan ahead for 2024 payroll withholdings

If you provide ELCA benefits through Portico and your employees changed their 2024 pretax retirement, supplemental life insurance or other voluntary benefit elections during Portico’s annual enrollment, you’ll need to adjust payroll withholdings for 2024. Starting with pay periods in January, the Payroll Withholding Summary on EmployerLink can help you determine how much to withhold from your employees’ paychecks.

Church Mutual offers armed intruder emergency service

Nothing is more important than the well-being of your staff, your volunteers and the people you serve. Protecting them from harm is your top priority, and the best way to do that is to plan for the unexpected. The new Pull for Police Armed Intruder Emergency Service, available at no cost exclusively to clients of Church Mutual Insurance, includes a device that, when activated, notifies local law enforcement of an armed intruder situation within seconds. >More

Questions to consider when writing a church job description

Employees go to work intending to do a good job, and knowing the specifics of their job helps them deliver. Ministries create systems to help manage employees, and the job description is part of that system. Employees must know what is expected of them and who to approach with questions or concerns. Job descriptions are essential tools that can guide employee performance and dictate daily activities. Churches have limited resources, so any salaried position must support the overall mission strategy. When writing a job description, answer the questions below to ensure that the job you’re creating truly supports the church’s mission. >More