Issue 43 of Administration Matters

​‘Stories of Faith in Action’ is now available
“Stories of Faith in Action” is a free, annual publication that highlights how God is changing lives through Mission Support, the percentage of your congregational offering that is shared with your synod and the churchwide organization. Free copies of “Stories of Faith in Action” are now available for order—all you have to cover is shipping. You can also download associated resources, including a “How to use” guide and bulletin inserts. >More

Organizing and administering congregational annual meetings
As congregational annual meetings approach, perhaps you are wondering how you can run a great meeting that is engaging for participants, productive for your congregation and a great investment of everyone’s time. >More

New ACA reporting requirement takes effect in 2016
Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), when individuals file their 2015 income tax return, they must prove for the first time that they’ve maintained minimum essential health coverage throughout the year—or face a financial penalty (unless Medicare is their primary coverage). ELCA-Primary health coverage qualifies as minimum essential coverage, and Portico is managing this reporting requirement on behalf of plan members. Note: Additional ACA reporting requirements will apply to Applicable Large Employers (ALEs), generally organizations that have, on average, at least 50 full-time equivalent employees. >More
CapinCrouse LLP is the internal audit provider for the ELCA churchwide organization. You may want to read their related article: “Reporting Health Plan Coverage to Employees & the IRS.” >More

ELCA Federal Credit Union update
The ELCA Federal Credit Union is on track for opening its doors in 2016. As a financial institution rooted in your faith community, we look forward to serving you. Stay up-to-date on our progress. Visit our early-stage website at and register to be notified as we prepare to open for business in 2016. >More

Weather protection for your ministry
Don’t be caught unprepared! When it comes to weather, are your church building and vehicles ready for whatever the next winter might bring? >More

In-kind donations
An in-kind gift consists of goods or services that are provided by the donor. Congregations can benefit greatly from such donations. >More

Winter checklist
Protecting your church property during the coldest months of the year is important, whether your climate is extreme or mild. Use this checklist to inspect, evaluate and move forward with needed maintenance. >More