Issue 67 of Administration Matters

Stories of Faith in Action
“Stories of Faith in Action” is an annual publication highlighting how God changes lives through the ministries funded by your congregation’s unrestricted offering of Mission Support, which is shared with your synod and the ELCA churchwide organization. The publication and the resources that go along with it are designed to share how important your weekly congregational offering is in sustaining and growing God’s mission. Stories, videos, bulletin inserts and an infographic explaining “Where Does My Offering Go?” are available at expands online products for congregations
In March 2018 the ELCA introduced as an ELCA preferred vendor for electronic giving. Featuring online, mobile and text giving options, is now expanding its product line to offer website services and church management software to ELCA congregations at a low cost. Enable members of your congregation to give online, manage your membership data or freshen up your congregation’s website using’s suite of tools. Get started.
Keeping data secure for remote workers
Working remotely or working from home has become one of the biggest workplace trends. Allowing staff to work remotely gives employers more options in hiring the best employees. For the employee, working from home eliminates the stress of commuting and creates more time to focus and be productive. >More
Helping out after a disaster
Weeks, months and even years after a natural disaster is no longer news, an impacted congregation will still need assistance to recover and come back stronger and better prepared for the future. If you choose to provide assistance to those in need, first consider the best way to do so. For information about the work of the ELCA’s Lutheran Disaster Response, visit its website or contact the LDR team directly at 773-380-2863.
Maintaining a parish register
These guidelines will assist pastors and other congregational leaders in keeping a parish register. >More
Boiler maintenance: A necessary cost-saver
When boilers are serviced regularly, they’re safer, more efficient and less likely to break down. Regular boiler service will reduce your energy bills and ensure that the boiler and its main components have a longer life. Should your congregation need funds for infrastructure repairs or improvements, contact the ELCA Federal Credit Union for a cost-effective loan solution either by phone at 877-715-1111 or by visiting their website. >More