Issue 61 of Administration Matters

Inspire, thank and educate with Stories of Faith in Action

The newest edition of Stories of Faith in Action is out — and it’s packed with vibrant photos and stories to encourage giving! Mailed to ELCA congregations, synods and leaders in early September, this annual publication highlights the impact of Mission Support and the ministries it funds.

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How to complete a Pastor’s W-2 IRS Form

Year-end is quickly approaching and with it, the task of tax reporting to the IRS.  Different rules apply when dealing with clergy taxes and withholdings.  The sample W-2 provided will assist congregations in completing W-2 forms for clergy.  >More

Help pastors tap the clergy housing allowance

The clergy housing allowance allows pastors to exclude a portion of their compensation from federal gross income if it can be justified to the IRS as spent on housing expenses. If congregations don’t proactively designate a portion of their pastor’s compensation as a housing allowance, your pastor loses an important tax benefit. Sign-in at Portico EmployerLink required. >More

Don’t be left in the cold — inspect your heating boiler

One of the biggest risks with boiler heating systems is that a problem will cause the internal pressure in the system to escalate to a point where it causes an explosion. This not only results in major physical damage to the facility but can also be life-threatening if your members or employees are in the building. The risk of this occurring can be greatly diminished with proper maintenance. > More

New video: Managing ELCA Benefits 101

A new 22-minute video by Portico Benefit Services, offered on EmployerLink, covers the basics of providing ELCA benefits — key terms, answers to common questions, and action steps to take each year. It’s a great introduction for new treasurers, office managers, plan administrators and human resource directors, and a refresher for seasoned benefit providers. >Watch

Winter checklist

Whether your climate is snowy or mild, it’s important to protect your church property during the coldest months of the year. >More