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Here you will find stories from the global church by ELCA global missionaries, scholars, and churchwide staff, brought to you by the ELCA Global Church Sponsorship team.

Add a Hand in Hand Badge to your site!

Posted on June 3, 2009 by Hand In Hand

elcahih-725785Do you love reading Hand in Hand and want to share it with everyone that visits your Web site or blog? Please consider using the image on the right as a badge that can link back to

Step 1: Copy the image to the right to your desktop. This can be done by either clicking and dragging it to the desktop or right-clicking on it and choosing “Save as…” from the menu.

Step 2: Place the image where you want it to appear on your site or blog. Then add a link to that image usually by selecting it and clicking on an icon that looks like links from a chain.  Add the following URL:

If your setup is different from these tips above, don’t be shy about asking someone you know who is experienced with adding images.

Karibu! Welcome!

Posted on April 6, 2009 by Hand In Hand

Memories of warm and generous welcome stay with me long after a visit to Tanzania with a group of a dozen ELCA communicators. Each person who received us shook our hands, person by person, saying “Karibu! You are welcome! You are most welcome!”

I hope this “blog digest” will be a place of welcome for you and your pictures, your stories, and your interest in ELCA Global missions, ministries, missionaries, and companions. I hope you will find “information and inspiration” in new posts and re-posts by ELCA Global Mission churchwide staff, ELCA missionaries, and other friends.

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Karibu! You are welcome. You are most welcome!
Sue Edison-Swift, assistant director
ELCA Global Mission Support