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Meet Cody

– Cody Miller

cody-millerI am Cody Miller, and I just came on board as the Service Learning Project Manager for the 2018 Youth Gathering. I graduated from the University of Houston (#GoCoogs), and I have spent nearly my entire life in the city of Houston. I am in love with this wonderful city; I love everything from the culture, to the art, to the people, and everything else that Houston has to offer.

I have been involved in the church in many different capacities. When I was at UH, I was heavily involved with campus ministry. I was a part of youth ministry when I was in high school. Currently, I am on the leadership team for youth ministry at my home congregation, Kinsmen Lutheran.

Kinsmen sent a group of youth to Detroit for the 2015 Gathering. I had the opportunity to listen to the their stories about how the Gathering affected them and helped them grow in their faith, as well as see how they impacted the host city. I heard stories of how God was at work in Detroit, and I am excited to see God at work through the youth in Houston in 2018.

The Youth Gathering is such an incredible ministry. It positively impacts everyone involved from the youth, to the host city, to the congregations. I am excited to be a part of this team.

Houston has a great story to tell. I am excited to see the story of Houston be told and to see God at work in this story.