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September Third Thursday Alert

Posted on September 18, 2013 by Julie Brenton Rowe


thirdthursdayPeace Not Walls, along with other organizations in the Faith Forum on Middle East Policy, sends out action alerts monthly on every third Thursday. Each action alert will focus on a different facet of the situation.  We encourage you to contact  your Members of Congress advocating for these issues and continuing to call for a just and lasting negotiated resolution to the Palestinian Israeli conflict. 

As a church, the ELCA stands for the flourishing of human community and against those actions that diminish human dignity. Israel’s ongoing illegal confiscation of land, property and resources from Palestinians, including the rapid expansion of illegal Israeli settlements, is robbing Palestinians of their houses, land and security as well as the hope of a secure, viable Palestinian state.

The U.S. government and international community officially oppose Israel’s settlement policy and hold that all Israeli settlements are illegal. However, Israel faces no consequences from the US for continuing to build settlements in defiance of international law and U.S. policy. If the U.S. is serious about achieving a just and lasting peace in Palestine and Israel it should follow the lead of the European Union by putting in place consequences for continued settlement activity.

Send your representatives a letter to let them know you oppose ongoing Israeli settlement expansion and believe it to be one of the most important issues threatening a negotiated, just peace. Express to them your demand that the U.S. follow through on its policy statements, uphold international law and put in place consequences for Israel if it continues its settlement activities.

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