Zefanaya Michael – The Lutheran malaria program in Tanzania

Posted on November 13, 2015 by Ashley Debilzen


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​​​Evangelist, Nyumba ya Mungu Parish, Pare Diocese


Zefanaya has been an evangelist with NYM Parish for 8 years. He attended the same malaria seminar as Godfrey in 2010.

Evangelists do house-to-house preaching so they can offer frontline response when someone is home sick. Oftentimes when someone’s child gets sick they will seek the advice of the evangelists on what to do.

“It helps for evangelists to know the symptoms of malaria when we visit people in their homes and find they are sick. Those of us sharing the knowledge from the malaria seminar are very committed and have spread the seeds into the community. We thank you for your support. We have really benefitted. God bless you! We are building a church of people with health.”

In his eight years as evangelist for the Nyumba ya Mungu Lutheran Parish, Zefanaya Michael has encountered many people during home visits who show signs of malaria. Because he learned the importance of immediate medical care through the LMI Tanzania project, Zefanaya can advise the family to go quickly to the health center for testing and treatment.