“This year has been a blessing to us” – The Lutheran Malaria Program in Uganda

Posted on April 10, 2014 by Jessica Nipp Hacker
Jessica Nipp Hacker

Note: The Lutheran Malaria Program in Uganda is implemented by our companions in the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) with funding from the ELCA Malaria Campaign. LWF staff member Emmanuel Emenyu provided this interview for us.

Getulida and son

(Photo: ​​Ms. Opus Getulida and her son)

Ms. Opus Getulida is 25 years old.  She is married to Mr. Ojomio Augustine, and they have 2 children. They live in Sirye village in Palam, Uganda.​​

Getulida demonstrates net

(Photo: Ms. Opus demonstrates how to tuck in her long-lasting insecticide-treated net before sleeping.)

Getulida says: “Before the coming in of Lutheran World Federation (LWF), we had very little knowledge on malaria prevention and treatment. Because of that, at most times my household members were falling sick due to malaria. We even thought that to be normal because almost everyone in our community was falling sick due to the same disease. Because of this, often times we used to rush to hospital when the situation was severe. However, this year has been a blessing to uswith the coming in of LWF to support us to prevent malaria. LWF has provided us with treated mosquito nets which are protecting us from mosquito bites. ​​

Getulida sleeps under net

(Photo: Ms. Opus and her son sleeping under their net.)

“The village health teams are sensitizing us on malaria prevention and seeking treatment within 24 hours. They are also visiting us from time to time to monitor how we are using our nets, and are giving us advice. These days we are no longer falling sick due to malaria. My first son is also able to stay at school because he is no longer being disturbed by malaria. Before the intervention of LWF everyone in my household was falling sick due to malaria from time to time, and we were even failing to go to the garden on some days. The situation has since changed. I really thank LWF and the ELCA Malaria Campaign for their support in helping us to fight malaria disease.”